Thread Veins

Thread VeinsThese are very common; however the vast majority are cosmetic. They are often referred to as venous flares. Some patients find them very troublesome and aim to keep their legs covered up. They are often not associated with varicose veins in the main trunks of the leg.

Treatment Options

After excluding varicose veins in the leg by history, examination and ultrasound examination. The following treatment options are available:

Appropriate use of cosmetics can hide the flares.

Microsclerotherapy is regarded as the "gold" standard for treating these lesions. It is associated with very good results however like all invasive procedures, it is associated with some potential negatives e.g. some patients experience skin discolourisation.

Transdermal (i.e. through the skin) laser treatment can be very effective in treating the very fine red lesions, however the larger blue veins do not respond that well.


These are obviously dependent on the lesion being treated, hence the need to have a full explanation of the pros and cons of the appropriate treatment.